We take a client’s dream and ensure it becomes a practical business reality. Whether assisting our clients in planning new entrepreneurial projects or advising owners of existing attractions, we apply our years of experience to help our clients increase revenue, manage costs, and improve performance – all so they can compete more effectively in a dynamic leisure marketplace.

Since 1980, ProFun has worked hard to earn the trust of more than 500 clients in 50 countries, and it shows through our 250 years of shared experience in planning,
advisory, training, implementation and management services for the theme-entertainment and cultural attractions industry.

Our global projects challenge us to deliver unique experiences for an array of clients, who entrust ProFun with their business.

Whether it’s a theme park in Abu Dhabi or a museum in New York City, ProFun delivers global expertise in experiential entertainment.


Ensure realistic and achievable goals while striving to maintain long-term success. This includes addressing revenue analysis, operational capacities, organizational structure and operating budgets.


Expert advice and consultation to achieve efficiencies that increase attendance, grow revenues and reduce costs. This includes development of a detailed roadmap on how to reach, measure and sustain success metrics.


Offering customized induction programs, guest service and leadership training, and the development of standard operating procedures.


Execute a strategy to ensure clients achieve fixed and measurable goals, maximize revenue, mitigate arising challenges, and favorably position the operation for success. This includes providing expert management capabilities which will help achieve an efficient, profitable long-term operation.


ProFun can provide customized expert management and oversight capabilities to ensure that your venue is highly profitable and sustainable for the long-term.

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