Commercial Attractions

Thriving in the Competitive Leisure Industry

Amidst a sea of enticing entertainment options — new interactive museums, sporting events, movies at the local cinema and even innovative home entertainment like video games — theme parks and commercial attractions are faced with the challenge of standing out, captivating audiences, and providing unforgettable experiences that beckon visitors to return time and time again.

For nearly thirty years, ProFun has been the driving force behind numerous commercial attractions, helping them craft immersive experiences that leave an unforgettable mark on guests, while providing the strategic expertise needed to bolster financial success and foster sustainable growth.

From guiding the physical planning and staffing requirements of iconic destinations like uShaka Marine World in Durban, South Africa, to spearheading innovative marketing and ticket sales strategies for renowned attractions such as LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California, our global footprint speaks volumes. With a proven track record of maximizing assets, enhancing operational performance, and exceeding revenue targets, ProFun is your trusted partner in elevating the allure and profitability of your attraction, no matter the scale.