The goals are pretty straightforward.

Increase attendance. Grow revenues. Reduce costs. How you get there is a little more complicated. We specialize in helping leisure attractions reach their goals: increasing attendance, growing revenues, and reducing costs. We offer tailored solutions to achieve these objectives and more.

  • Is it best to make money by saving money?
  • By streamlining operations and maximizing assets?
  • By investing in new programs to drive growth through increased attendance and spend?
  • Or redesigning the induction program, developing specialized training or changing the way in which we manage our teams?

ProFun brings years of experience answering these pressing questions for our Advisory clients, the fresh set of eyes needed to see emerging opportunities, and the depth of resources to implement what we recommend. We provide the full range of consulting services – from financial performance and operational analyses to ticket packaging and targeted marketing strategies – to effect change in any visitor attraction.

Whether we’re helping under performing theme parks better leverage their assets and implement new strategic programs to capitalize on emerging market opportunities and revenue streams or helping growing museums attract new visitors and improve financial performance, we have a well-earned reputation for working as an extension of our client’s team to boost their bottom line.


Our Approach

  • Maximizing asset potential: We analyze your operations and implement strategies to optimize asset utilization.
  • Increasing revenue: We develop and execute targeted marketing and sales strategies to drive attendance and spending.
  • Improving operational performance: We provide recommendations to enhance efficiency and deliver a superior guest experience.


    Our Advisory Services Include

    • Operations audit
    • Marketing audit
    • Organizational audit
    • Employee engagement strategic planning
    • Training design and delivery
    • Service excellence improvement programs
    • Leadership training
    • Reward and recognition program design and implementation
    • Marketing promotions implementation
    • Ticket sales plan/implementation
    • Destination travel industry sales
    • Affinity/relationship marketing programs