ProFun’s Expertise in World Expositions and Olympiads

Events like World’s Fairs and Olympiads delight visitors and create lasting memories like few other entertainment spectacles. They can also be immensely complicated endeavors to develop, operate and market. They require intense planning, close cooperation between public and private enterprise and expert management to ensure that the event delivers on its once-in-a-lifetime promise.

ProFun has more experts in the management, operational and marketing aspects of World Expositions than any other firm in the field. Beginning with our work on the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee, we’ve been involved in the planning, operational and marketing development of expositions, Olympiads and other large events all over the world.

When working on events and expositions our goal is simple: ensure that the event is positioned to reach its full potential. We have assisted our Event & Exposition clients establish sound financial plans, put operational procedures and programs in place and manage everything from marketing and operations to staffing and concessions planning.