We love great ideas. We love ones that work even more.

As anyone who has worked in the leisure industry is aware, developing a new attraction is anything but a leisurely endeavor. Every project is complex, full of moving parts and targets and replete with both difficult challenges and exciting opportunities. Intelligent planning, founded in the realities of the market and business climate, is required to ensure that what is conceived of in the imagination is positioned properly for growth and profitability in the real world.

ProFun specializes in working on behalf of the owner to ensure that the project has realistic, achievable goals, is set up to take advantage of the market potential, and will run efficiently. To help our clients achieve long-term success we:

  • Analyze revenue potential
  • Determine operational capacity requirements
  • Establish optimal organizational structure and operating budgets
  • Ensure the project has the necessary facilities
  • And provide strategic consulting on a wide range of disciplines, from ticket sales and marketing to recruiting, training, and staffing.

Establishing clear goals
It’s our job to ask the tough questions and perform the hard analysis on behalf of the owner to ensure what they conceive can reach its potential. We assess the market, get an understanding of demand and the others out there competing for a visitor’s discretionary time and money. We anticipate the challenges and help our clients see unexpected opportunities. We set ambitious but realistic goals for revenue targets, attendance numbers, operating costs and other performance measures. Why? So that when we set out to build, we’re all confident it’s going to work.

Positioning for success
We work diligently to help our clients meet their goals. Establishing an organization that delivers a visitor-friendly and functional operation. Setting the optimal ticket prices to drive attendance. Developing compelling marketing programs to attract customers and distinguish the attraction from other leisure options locally, regionally and globally. No detail can be left to chance. We work closely with our clients to develop programs and procedures that help the organization in managing performance and costs, while providing a truly unique and memorable time for visitors.

Ensuring operational efficiency
Even the best plan can run afoul if a visitor’s experience fails to live up to expectations. As experts in operational planning, ProFun makes sure our clients are well equipped to deliver from day one. We often start from the very beginning, providing operational input during the design phase so that a visitor’s experience ultimately matches the owner’s vision. From helping clients anticipate capacity and throughput issues to recruiting and training the necessary staff to meet a project’s unique needs, we provide our clients all the tools needed to operate smoothly and effectively day after day.

Positioning your team for success
As Walt Disney said “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” At ProFun, we know what distinguishes great companies from good companies is their attention to detail with strategically planning for a skilled, engaged and productive workforce. We work with our clients ensuring strong employee engagement through the implementation of the ProFun Employee Engagement Model. Adoption of the Employee Engagement Model will strengthen the organizations capability to achieve excellence in service, safety and employee performance.

ProFun’s services to support the business and strategic planning needs of our clients include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Operational planning
  • Facilities programming
  • Marketing and ticket sales planning
  • Organizational planning
  • Owner representation
  • Operational management systems and procedures
  • Operational staffing and training