Indianapolis, USA


Newfields, formerly the Indianapolis Museum of Art, is a 152-acre campus that houses the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the historic Lilly House, The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, and The Gardens at Newfields.

ProFun was retained as the institution embarked on a strategy to not only rebrand itself but change the mission and goals of the organization. Working with various executive management staff, ProFun reviewed the business and operations to identify strategies to grow revenue, enhance the visitor experience, and increase visitation to not only the museum but this re-envisioned campus. ProFun was able to identify many facets of the operations that needed fine tuning as well as new opportunities to begin the transformation of the business, so it aligned with the new goals of the institution.

Newfields is implementing the strategy developed by ProFun, and some of the initial seasonal programming and operational changes have paid dividends to create a more sustainable organization that has drawn new audiences and created a sense of community.