Implementation | Planning


New York, USA

One Vanderbilt

One of Midtown Manhattan’s newest skyscrapers, One Vanderbilt, offers a combination of spectacular views, high-profile visibility, exceptional accessibility, and sustainable design. The $3.1-billion commercial office tower will rise to an expected 1,401 feet across the street from Grand Central Terminal, marking itself on the map of midtown Manhattan. The project, set for completion by the end of 2020, aims to be as distinctive within its internal 1.7 million square feet as it is on the exterior.

A key feature of the project will include an indoor / outdoor observation deck, which at 1,020 feet will make it one of the highest in New York City. Our team developed the operating assumptions, annual attendance distribution, and a capacity and throughput analysis.  ProFun did a separate vertical circulation analysis to ensure the operation had the proper elevator configuration to support the projected attendance. Our team conducted a pre-opening budget audit and update and developed the front-line staffing plan.