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Minneapolis, USA

Paisley Park

Paisley Park is the former private estate and production complex of Prince, the legendary singer, musician, actor, mentor and song writer. Following his death, the 65,000 square foot estate was opened to the public as a guided tour attraction in October 2016.  Highlights of the tour include the two recording studios and a 1,000-seat concert hall and sound stage.

ProFun was selected to help the estate transition from a third-party operator to self operation and on October 1, 2019, the estate began self-operating. ProFun developed a new business plan, managed the transition of the business, identified solutions to weaknesses, introduced effective marketing strategies, and readied the staff for the future. Our team assisted with the transition by placing an operations team on-site to develop operating strategies and procedures, train new management staff, assist in the development of marketing efforts, and generate attendance and financial projections.

The transition went smoothly with no interruption in operations during the change of management teams. Current efforts by the ProFun team include a new pricing strategy and operating cost reductions.